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Remote Geosteering

It is obvious that the two main arguments in favor of remote geo-steering are cost and risk exposure. Access to real time data and the ability to make fast decisions and monitor their effects live, are also very important. Although not suitable for every play it can be a first option especially in mature oil and gas areas, when the company holds reliable information about the reservoir characteristics and when it is done by geologists with extensive experience of the specific reservoir. 

Modern software packages allow detailed modelling of static 3D geological models for horizontal wells planning. The key point in advanced well design is the speed of obtaining and integrating real-time information, enabling timely decision making and ensuring the correct well trajectory, which are both crucial for maximum hydrocarbon recovery, reduction of drilling costs and risks, and increase in long-term well performance. 

Geo-steering is all about trust and confidence that your team can, and will keep you in zone. Our geo-steering consultants are experts with experience in multiple basins and extensive field training, who have completed multiple projects, acquiring the experience to make timely decisions when things don't go according to plan. 

Only the most experienced well site geology consultants will work on our geo-steering clients' projects, using advanced geo-steering technology to analyze MWD data, and remotely steer horizontal wells in real time. The choice of software our team will use on your projects is ultimately yours, but we can always advise on packages we have used before. Adapting from one software platform to another is part of our commitment to offer the best services in the industry.


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