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The Company

With our corporate headquarters located in Calgary, Alberta, we have focused our business activities in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. We are gradually expanding our activities to include other areas of interest in Canada and have well-site geologists with experience in Europe, North Africa, and the USA.

Rockwell geologists are active all over the WCSB with key areas being Durvernay and Horn River. Our geologists are knowledgeable with a variety of reservoirs including Carbonates, Shale gas, CBM, and Heavy Oil. Presently, over 50% of the wells Rockwell supports are unconventional drilling projects and our geologists are well versed in the drilling of multilateral horizontal wells, geo-steering, and coring projects.

Our approach to corporate responsibility is rooted in our core values: “to conduct business in a socially responsible and ethical manner, support universal human rights, protect the environment, learn from and respect cultures in which we work”. 


Our core values

Integrity: We strongly believe in doing the right thing. To us, this includes being honest and trustworthy with our clients, colleagues, employees and friends, and conducting business in an ethical manner.

Results: Setting and achieving operational, financial and personal goals are key to Rockwell’s operations. Our partners help us set these goals and measure our results against them. 

Excellence: Rockwell Consulting focuses on being an industry leader for one reason: we aim to be the best. We anticipate and understand our client’s needs, and deliver exceptional results in return.

Proactive attitude: We all understand that we must constantly improve the way we do business, and we strive to create innovative solutions for our clients.

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