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Geology services

Rockwell Consulting Ltd. is dedicated to providing high quality, professional well-site supervision with timely professional reporting and competitive rates.

Our well-site geologists are qualified and experienced in unconventional, underbalanced and invert mud systems, for vertical, deviated and horizontal wells. Our final reports have earned the reputation of being some of the most complete and thorough reports in the industry. We also have in our team consultants who are experienced and proficient with remote geo-steering and heavy oil plays (including stratigraphic wells, coring projects, and SAGD projects).

In addition to well-site supervision we are able to provide core analysis and chip sample studies using the AEUB facilities.

We adhere to high standard of personalized service, quick delivery of reports, confidential reporting, and professionalism. Developing strong client relationships is a priority so we can best support our clients' needs presently and into the future.

Rockwell promotes a strong industry safety culture. Our consultants follow company enforced travel, work and reporting procedures aimed at maximizing results and minimizing risks. All well-site geology consultants have First Aid, WHMIS and H2S training, besides their strong academic background and extensive field experience.

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our consultants and all other personnel on-site. Rockwell carries a $5,000,000 general liability insurance in addition to Workers Compensation Coverage.

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